Cape Alchemist Brandy

Cape Alchemist Brandy

An alchemist is “a person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process” – we believe this is spot-on for the newest member on our product line: Cape Alchemist Brandy.


Our Cape Alchemist has selected the finest grapes for our unfiltered Cape brandy. The grapes we use come from the most well-tended vines and are generally picked early in the harvest season before fully ripe, to provide the best balance of fruit and acidity for optimal distillation.


The grapes traditionally and most commonly used in the production of our Cape Alchemist Brandy are Chenin Blanc and Colombard. It is aged in a combination of old cherry casks and charred French oak barrels for at least three years.


The smokey French oak, sherry wood, and walnut nose are complemented by subtle hints of apricot, vanilla and orange zest. The palate is full and fruity, with overtones of spice and nuttiness. The finish is soft and smokey, characterful, and long-lasting.

  • Perfect Serve

    Mix one part brandy to 4 parts of your favourite mixer.

    Be daring with a Brandy Old Fashioned:
    Ingredients 3 drops of New Harbour sweet orange bitters
    2 shots of New Harbour Cape Alchemist Brandy
    1/2 tsp sugar Orange peel for garnish

    Add sugar & bitters into a rocks glass or tumbler, and stir until sugar is nearly dissolved. Fill the glass with large ice cubes, add the brandy, and gently stir to combine. Express the oil from an orange peel over the glass and use as garnish.