Copper Vodka

Copper Vodka

Clean, rich, and rounded. A silky Vodka balanced with fruity and citrus notes finished with a mellow note of spice.


Copper is used during the distillation of spirits. This interchange between the copper and the spirit is called copper catalysation. To enhance this impact, we fill a section of our still - the carter head - with a large amount of natural copper wool. This adds more surface area as opposed to the whole still being made of copper. 


The copper naturally catalyses unwanted aromatic and sulphur compounds in the spirit. This gives us a purified Vodka and a prized silky texture and taste.

  • Perfect Serve

    Enjoy neat or on ice with a squeeze of lime or lemon mix 1 part natural copper vodka to 3 parts of your favourite mixer.


    FLORAL: Elderflower.

    FRUITY: Watermelon Wedge or Crushed mixed berries