Moscato Perlé (Red)

Moscato Perlé (Red)

Fresh summer fruits of strawberry, black currents and exotic spice.

  • Vineyards

    Old low yielding vineyards planted in fertile Gamka sandy loam soils are harvested at the beginning of mid-January. Grapes are picked at low sugars to ensure maximum fruit flavours and low alcohols

  • Winemaking

    The grapes are harvested early morning to ensure cool temperatures. After the grapes are destemmed and crushed and pumped into a separating tank where the juice and skins are separated. The juice flows by gravity into a settling tank and is settled out overnight. Clear juice is racked into fermentation tanks the next morning and fermentation is started by adding selected yeast. The juice is fermented at 14oC until dry, where after dark red Pinotage wine is added to colour and some Muscadel juice to sweeten. CO2 gas is sparged into the wine for Perlé just before bottling.