Rooibos Gin

Rooibos Gin

A colourful New Western Dry style gin with a light juniper taste combined with a smooth almond mouthfeel, and lingering orange and Rooibos aftertaste.


Rooibos is a Fynbos species that is widely cultivated in the Cederberg mountain range of the Western Cape Province in South Africa. It is used to create a popular herbal infused tea dubbed “Red Bush Tea” or “Bush Tea”. This magical tea improves bone health, controls diabetes, improves skin tone as well as prevents kidney stones.


When infused, Rooibos Tea adds depth to the well-balanced floral orange notes and a lasting honey flavour to this one-of-a-kind proudly South African gin.

  • Perfect Serve

    Mix one part gin to 4 parts of your favourite Indian tonic.


    FLORAL: citrus blossom, clover, daisies.

    FRUITY: Orange slice or rind & cinnamon stick. We have also put together a authentic cocktail recipe called CombusGIN with Rooibos Gin, Orange bitters & Burnt Cassia and Fig Simple Syrup,

    HERBAL: Basil or Thyme.