0.53 hectares, 1,800 bottles. Our rarest cuvée.

  • Our Ultimate Commitment

    Nestled at the foot of the Château de Pommard, Simone is a 0.53 hectare plot of remarkable terroir that embodies the soul of our domain. The origin of her name remains a mystery.

    In the most generous years, we produce 1,800 bottles of this intense, rich and complex Pinot Noir—our rarest cuvée, available by allocation only.

    "I was really blown away by this cuvée. When we speak about seductiveness in wine, I think this is a good definition." ANDREAS LARSSON, BEST SOMMELIER IN THE WORLD 2007

  • A Remarkable Terroir

    The delicacy, intensity, and structure of a red wine strongly depend on the quality of the internal surface of clay contained in the soil. The higher the internal density, the more a vineyard can produce grand cuvées. In 2009, Claude et Lydia Bourguignon, both agronomists and founders of the Microbiological Laboratory for Soils, conducted a thorough study on the Clos Marey-Monge and the Simone plot. What they found exceeded every expectation. With an internal surface of clay beyond 730 square meters per gram, Simone is close to the world record of the Grands Crus from the Côte de Nuits.

  • Made by Nature

    In 2015, we began our biodynamic journey in the Clos Marey‐Monge. Starting with Simone, we replaced the machines with horses, plowing our soils the traditional way. We banned chemicals, and in place, we now benefit from all-natural preparations. The vines are getting stronger, with one-hundred-year-old stocks showing more vigor and the ability to fight pests and diseases on their own. Our wines are more honest and energetic with extra intensity on the nose and vibration on the palate. We are convinced this a better way to make wine.

  • The Soul of Our Domain

    We believe a wine must reveal what Mother Nature intended. We have made a long-term commitment to minimize human intervention and let nature take its course—in the vineyard and in the cuverie. During our fermentation process, we interfere as little as possible, allowing the tannins to extract themselves naturally. We obtain a perfectly balanced wine, approachable now, but ready to age and mature for the next two decades. Simone is a rich and concentrated pinot noir that reveals the soul of our domain.

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